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Welcome on the site which keeps track of your running.

This site is free to use and is build by a runner for runners. A training diary can be an important aid in keeping track of your training volume and progress. The site does a number of computations for you and shows your training in weekly and monthly statistics.
Your body height and weight along with your hart rate in rest can also be entered so that you BMI and training hart rates can be calculated.

Please login with your username and password or if you have not yet joined, choose a username and hit the "enrol" button. Please take a moment to complete the enrolment form. The details entered are not used for commercial purposes and will be treated as strictly confidential.

I hope you will enjoy using If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement of the site please let me know by mailing me at

Myrundiary is nu ook in het Nederlands beschikbaar!

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